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6 Terrible Health & Safety Myths!

You may not realise it, but many of the laughable health & safety stories you read online or in print are simply myths, and often a means of blaming health & safety for poor decisions. It seems that many companies and individuals use the banner of health & safety to carry out their wishes, which […]

8 Common Workplace Health & Safety Hazards

Health & safety measures are designed to keep everyone safe. Although accidents are a part of life and can occur anywhere and at any time, there are ways to avoid many of them by simply being aware of the most common safety hazards found in the workplace. Business owners have a duty of care towards […]

Why School Age Children Should Be Taught First Aid

First aid is a life-saving skill and one that should be taught to individuals from a young age. There is currently a campaign by the majority of the main political parties, charities and the Mail on Sunday, backing the addition of first aid to the curriculum – and Live For Work supports this initiative.