8 Common Workplace Health & Safety Hazards

Health & safety measures are designed to keep everyone safe. Although accidents are a part of life and can occur anywhere and at any time, there are ways to avoid many of them by simply being aware of the most common safety hazards found in the workplace.

Business owners have a duty of care towards all employees, to protect them and keep them safe while they’re on the premises. The good news is that health & safety procedures don’t have to be expensive or time consuming, and are normally hugely beneficial to businesses thanks to such outcomes as a reduction in sick days taken and better staff retention levels.

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Why Waste Management & Recycling Businesses Need Health & Safety & First Aid Training

While it is true to state that health & safety measures and first aid training are of great importance to every workplace in every sector, it is also true to state that safety training within the waste management and recycling industries is arguably even more important.

This is because businesses operating within these sectors are viewed as among the most dangerous places to work in the UK. In an annual report by HSE for 2013/14, it was revealed that only 0.5% of employees work in this industry but account for 2.6% of all reported injuries.

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